Why choose us

We provide qualified supplier selection – We select professional vendors who have low premiums and a good track record.

Sustainability and market surveillance – by continuously monitoring the electricity market and by having a long-term perspective on the act of consumption (2-5 years), we are confident of providing our customers with lower prices and profits over time.

Key Account Benefits

By collecting everyone’s electricity consumption from our SMB customers, we can negotiate profitable electricity contracts, which normally only reserved for the very largest industrial customers


Are therefore less than individual SMB customers can achieve, and so ELX customers can take advantage of our professional management of purchasing power


We adapt our purchases to your business needs and to the risk profile that suits your business best

Professional purchasers

ELX buyers can trade with all the major power companies in Europe, whilst also representing a large and attractive volume.

We also offer you a combined invoice, where the network tariff, the electricity, and all the measurement points are included. We can even include the various departments and possibly several European countries if required. Just by this alone you will be able to save between 35 – 45,- Euros in administrative costs per invoice. Its fast and easy customer support, leading to small administrative fee.At start up, we’ll take care of all the practicalities. You will receive a billing account for the current month, + 2 months advance and only pay an administrative fee of 19, – Euros per month.By taking part in one of Europe’s expert buyers of power, you are giving ELX ENERGY LTD the responsibility to monitor and analyze the market on your behalf. This creates mutually favourable terms and long-term security, while we can make the right choices for you in a complicated procurement.